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Halea Isabelle Kala is an artist, director and producer. She was born in 1989, grew up in Berlin and later moved to London to study Photography and Media & Communications at Goldsmiths College, from where she graduated in 2013. 

Now again based back in her hometown Berlin, Halea documents the stories of individuals and communities, with a particular focus on societal, political and ecological matters. Her latest project is TRANSMODERNITY, a feature length documentary presenting a mosaic of different changemakers across Europe, who are active in the fields of education, activismeconomics, the arts as well as ritual and healing.


Halea is furthermore also the founder and director of the Transition Institute dedicated to transdisciplinary research in order to explore possibilities of transitioning into a new paradigm. It functions as a research organization, platform and network that connects changemakers across the globe, for a conscious, sustainable and fair world.


Alexander Krüger is a cultural visionary, musician and festival producer. He was born in 1983 and ventured out to London and Shanghai during his studies in Cultural Science and Management.

He then moved to Berlin where he settled down to become an important cultural initiator as well as transformer in reclaiming urban space. Since age 16 Alex has, been organizing music events and festivals, that are visited by over 100 000 guests every year, including Feel, Rocken Am Brocken, Artlake and WHOLE United Queer Festival - and parallel to this also started making his own music in form of various music projects.

With Alte Münze he is now also providing more permanent frameworks for people from different kinds of backgrounds to come together. Over the past 5 years, Alex and his team have transformed the Alte Münze - a former coin factory on 9 000 m2 in the heart of Berlin - into a buzzing cultural hub with gallery and event spaces, art and music studios, as well as a future lab. Here he is currently also developing a space devoted to future research and innovation, in order to examine and facilitate new forms of working and living together.

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